According to the third chapter in the statutes of the association are as follows instructions organic

Article 4: Membership in the Assembly is composed as follows:

  1. a founding member: Each member signed the request of the foundation, and enjoys a founding member of the powers and privileges Member
  2. User factor: Every natural person or constructive applied for enrollment in writing of the Assembly, and he meets the conditions Admission and approved by the governing body to accept its membership
  3. Lists servo: Each member of the individuals and companies offer a written request enrollment Assembly were available when some Admission requirements governing body has agreed to accept its membership includes a natural person and estoppel condition Payment of fees for the members of the supporters
  4. Honorary Member: A person who has made a pioneering achievement and contributed to the assembly service and helped in achieving its goals The governing body to grant membership

Article 5: Does not enjoy Lists servo and honorary member of the right of election or nomination or to vote.

Article 6: Admission requirements for active membership: Every natural person or a person of Jordanian nationality judgmental Jordanian

Sexual registered in accordance with the provisions of the laws of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to join this Assembly if Or where it meets the conditions of all the following:

  1. natural persons:
    1. that is not under the age of eighteen years
    2. to be of good behavior
    3. Have interest in information and communication technology sector and be eligible through Hsolhaly
      1. university study recognized in a sector-related fields
      2. Studying a university recognized in one of the areas is related to the industry with two years experience of working in the sector
      3. Study Campuses average recognized in one of the areas related to the industry with two years experience of working in Sector
      4. an average university study recognized in one of the areas is related to the industry with the experience of four years in Work in the sector
      5. public high degree with experience six years working in the sector

    4. may apply for enrollment to the Assembly, and agrees in writing to abide by the objectives of the Assembly, the provisions of this Regulation, And regulations of the Assembly
    5. the governing body to agree to accept a membership
    6. to pay the joining fee and the annual fee of the Special Rapporteur and individuals committed to pay the due date during the months The first three of the year

  2. people wisdom:
    1. to be registered company operating in the sector, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and take UK-based or regional office, provided that attach to prove it with a request for affiliation
    2. it should have been established on a full year at least
    3. can apply for affiliation to the Assembly by the authorized signatory them, and agree in writing to abide by the objectives Assembly of these rules and regulations issued by the Assembly
    4. the governing body to agree to accept a membership
    5. to pay the joining fee and the annual fee the corporate decision

  3. other people wisdom:
  4. Kalathadat professional economic and chambers of commerce, NGOs and student clubs with interest the development of the sector and that Jordan-based or have to manage them, provided that they pay the joining fee and the annual fee of the Special Rapporteur and other bodies.

Article 7: Registration on offer custom forms prepared by the governing body of the requests, and the administrative body the right to accept or demand Rejected.

Article 8: Duties working member are as follows:

  1. contribute to the objectives of the association
  2. compliance system and regulations of the Assembly
  3. Media Society its title and changes in it

Article 9: User loses in the Assembly membership in any of the following cases:

  1. If you have any of the conditions that qualify to be a member of the Assembly in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation
  2. clerical resignation, death or bankruptcy for individuals, legal persons or personal demise of bankruptcy or liquidation or solution or any other reason for companies and other persons wisdom
  3. If breached the duties of membership in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation

Article 10: Lists separates a decision of the governing body in any of the following cases:

  1. if he commits any act that would cause serious harm to physical or mental association and the right of return estimate that the body Administrative
  2. If you took advantage of joining the Association to achieve any political goals or religious or sectarian or regional

Article 11: A member who has lost his membership in the Assembly due to resignation or loss of a membership conditions including that he did not Payment of fees by the due date to apply again for membership in accordance with the provisions of this Law, provided that the payment of fee Enrollment and annual fee with a new payment fee payable in the year where it has lost its membership.

Article 12: worker is entitled by natural persons and the wisdom to elect and run for seats in the governing body or any of the Management committees emanating from the governing body in accordance with the provisions of the law and the provisions of this law and regulations, represents companies in This is authorized to sign it, according to the testimony of his speech issued by the Companies Control Department or his representative in writing provided validation autograph from one of the banks operating in the Kingdom, and disappear as such represent the demise of the company Persons representing other wisdom Chairman or authorized to sign it, provided evidence that the testimony of the parties competent authority.

Article 13: The members of the Assembly of the founding members and employees are exempted from the payment of annual fees.

Article 14: Those who have been asked affiliation for membership of the Society refused or been dismissed, including the objection to the Minister, within thirty days from the date of notification of the decision, and the minister's decision in this case is strictly

Entry Fee: six annual dinars in addition to Pay for one-time affiliation

Number of Members: 3525

Why User benefits:

The affiliation with any individual professional to professional group is usually because of his need for a formal point of non-profit represented before the state authorities concerned and working on the follow-up everything related to the profession to develop and protect the obstacles and work on mutual understanding and communication between its members and associate it, and what was the goal of the Jordanian Society for Computers care sons of career information and communication technology and in line with the above, it was logical that regulates the membership of each lesson or abused this area, especially since organic symbolic fee and recall for some of the features that may benefit the user:

  • Altdrebh specialized courses, either free or subsidized at a discount to members
  • Groups benefit from discounts on the subscription service at any point of the mother brand, among them health, education and housing sector services and recreational activities, social, etc
  • Work as a mediator between companies and researchers working in the field of telecommunications and information technology assistance