Singapore-DBS Bank said in Singapore on the new feature enables customers to do some joint and private banking transactions via computer chatbots.

Unlike short messaging service which is supported by many other banks, DBS Bank offers the service to carry out conversations between clients and the Bank for financial transactions or to get personal information and transfers specific to friends.

This means that it is possible for the client to send a message to the Bank as follows: "how much longer I have money in the stock number 1234?" for example, the World Bank said that the introduction of the new feature are based on American Kasisto company behind Siri system development in Apple's phones.

Chatbots messages service will be available first in SMS messages, and later can be used through chat applications like: Watts August WWE chat.

It's worth mentioning that mark zokrbergh, the ceo of Facebook, in April of this year wished chatbots service entry within an instant, to service customers through Facebook.

Despite this, she still talks chatbots depend mostly on speculation by including keywords, so can't do intelligent conversation altogether for now.-(Russia today)