Collecting officials in the communications and information technology sector on the importance of timing of where the communications and information technology forum the world countries began converting infrastructure in Jordan to rely on digital services.

And among these during a press conference yesterday to announce the communications and information technology forum held from 9 to 10 October in King Hussein business complex organization of information technology and communication companies Association «production» sponsored title sublime, that the Forum would this year titled, new thinking and discuss the adaptation of technology toward different sectors.

The Conference was attended by Minister of communications and information technology Representative Dr Nael aggression, Chairperson of the Association produce Dr Bashar Al-Hawamdeh, Executive Director for production Nidal Bitar, Chairman Dr King complex business supporter quail in addition to strategic partners, Orange ceo Jerome Hynek security ceo Ziad cleverness and ceo Zain Ahmed examine natural gas agreement.

This year's Forum discusses the rapid developments in technology in the world as appearance of terms as the Internet economy and the digital economy and other international experiences, cast a shadow on the economies and sectors.

The Forum will highlight the experiences of States in this area through a number of meetings and workshops and interactive dialogues involving important names in various areas affected by the digital economy such as education, media, medicine, trade, industry, energy and others.

The Forum also seeks to pave the way for implementing recommendations that pretty and put them into practice through discussions with decision makers about how legislation and infrastructure and other processing steps.

The head of the Board of Directors of the Association produce Dr Bashar Al-Hawamdeh that communications and information technology forum has participants from outside the public sector, noting that the Forum has the support of his Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein.

Hawamdeh invited investors to take advantage of incentives granted to the sector in the recent period, emphasizing the importance that keeps the Government on legislation and laws to increase investor confidence by pumping more investments.

He added that the Forum carries a name however this year «digitize, digitizing economy economy trusted relationship merger between telecommunications companies and information technology companies.

He and Al-Hawamdeh highlighted Forum this year title of «digitize the economy "and stressed the importance of the Forum this year in terms of being an important opportunity for both decision makers and individuals both being will highlight how their daily lives will change due to the latest technological trends applications economy.

Hawamdeh said that there is a shift we began living and noticed his activity globally in recent trends such as cloud computing and the Internet of things and big data,

He also referred to the importance of the Forum to gather and meet experts in modern global trends with Jordanian youth to take advantage of these experiences, where almost finalized the list of participants of the world, stressing that the Forum an opportunity to change and complete the development of the private sector in general orientation to transform Jordan into a regional centre for the sector in the region.

A boy said he expected the official launch of the Forum «rich 2025» that face of his Majesty King Abdullah II for formulating sector operators to transform Jordan into a regional centre for the sector

The ceo said Nidal Bitar production association, the Forum addresses many topics about Internet stuff these sectors overlap.

Bitar said that holding such a forum in this time of urgency in light of the need to adapt all the elements in the telecommunications sector to keep up with these changes in Jordan and utilized where the Conference will seek to urge decision makers to facilitate the procedures and legislation that ensure it.

He added: "this year's Conference attracts speakers have a wide and extensive experience in their fields constitute a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences and perspectives, and highlights what Forum this year will need economic sectors in order to grow, and how your company moves to global levels, and how the Government sector in the digital economy, how it affected sectors of health care, education, transport, energy, financial services and media by the digital economy and how it will look in the future».

So said ceo Zain Ahmed examine natural gas agreement that telecommunications companies still continue towards a better future, emphasizing the importance of pooling all efforts towards reaching a competitive sector at the county level.

The title of the Forum «digitization» very important theme, stressing the importance of creating the right environment for the digital economy and development services.

On the other hand, he pointed to examine natural gas agreement that 70% of Jordanians dealing with cash, considering that this is a big challenge and duty to encourage citizens to use new technological services.

He security ceo Ziad cleverness that telecommunications companies are transforming the way normal to deliver services provided by digital methods which positively affect employment.

And cleverness that Internet stuff and Big Data very big opportunities to address the challenges of the current sector.

He said the communications and information technology Minister delegate Dr Nael aggression, this forum is an opportunity to promote the communication sector in Jordan and on domestic and foreign investment.

He added that aggression communication Forum an opportunity to promote the private sector, as China comes across attract alastthmara