Gradutaes Internship Program (GIP)

Operating and Training Directorate / Department of Labor management

It was launched driver communications graduates and IT in May 2009 in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Association of Jordan Computers Society production and supporting part of the Economic Development Program (SABEQ) of the United States Agency for International Development.

The program works within the following principles and conditions:

  • Support the employment of graduates of communications and information technology in the private sector where the government is to pay 50% of the employee's salary for 12 months for training
  • Each trainee was assigned to a private company gets to train non-technical skills (Soft Skills) for two weeks, the government is covering the cost of training
  • The training and employment in the workplace for companies under agreements or books official website shows its commitment to implement the program

Terms of trainees / staff:

  • To be unemployed
  • It was not on the graduation of more than two years on bringing them to the requests of joining the program
  • Never worked within the area of specialization
  • Each trainee gets a salary of 300 dinars / month (the government is to pay 50% of it)

Company / Organization commitments:

  1. The provision of health insurance and other benefits for enrolled in the program according to what is happening in the company.
  2. Training enrolled on the job, according to their terms of reference.
  3. The inclusion of trainees enrolled in the program by social security.
  4. Payment of wages for attending to work in the company's 300 (JD / month).
  5. Determine the needs of trainees by target disciplines.
  6. To provide the required reports for attending the program every three months.

The government side commitments:

  • Pay 50% of the trainees / monthly staff to companies / institutions, including not more than 150 dinars / Internship / month salaries
  • Pay the costs of conducting training courses on life skills and usability for attending the program for two weeks

In case you are interested in participating in this program, the company concerned to attract resumes and evaluated and held interviews and media management of the project officially names and information of persons intended to be hired to work on bringing them into the program.

For companies wishing to participate in the program access to the following location: and fill in the required information.